12 September (1939): W.C. Fields to Carlotta Monti

Is the gentleman you intend to marry financially solvent? Can he take care of you when he gets old like me? How long have you been keeping company with him, or did he ask you to marry him when you met him first time last evening in the elevator? Why didn’t you let me know about him before? I might have been able to give you some advice. This is all so sudden…

Letter from the Editors: The Reader is Going All-Print!

It is our pleasure to announce to you the latest development here at the American Reader: effective October 1st, 2014, we will be turning our full focus to our print journal. The website will still be an active part of the magazine. Our “Day in Lettres” blog will continue, along with weekly dispatches from the editors about what we’re reading and engaging with, and regular updates regarding new issues and upcoming events.