16 October (1958): Alice B. Toklas to Harold and Virginia Knapik

“Last evening glorious red sky—this morning covered—it is trying to rain now. They merely say it is autumn. Today is the fête of the raisin (vendange) and the gaily uniformed bands are marching up the street under my window—cymbals drums fifes—odd toyish instruments—drum majors—and each has a half dozen brass. The music is quite simpleminded. Fortunately I dont have to go out to enjoy it.”

9 October (1944): Neal Cassady to Justin Brierly

By noting this difference, modifying it & by a process of elimination, I find not only the amount, but also the degree, of influence you’ve had on me. For a better understanding I’ve created 3 titles under which I’ll enumerate attributes I’ve either gained or developed under you. Also if I’ve enough room I shall speak of the negative points of our relationship. To begin…

7 October (1827): Charles Lamb to H. Dodwell

Your little pig found his way to Enfield this morning without his feet, or rather his little feet came first, and as I guessed the rest of him soon followed. He is quite a beauty. It was a pity to kill him, or rather, as Rice would say, it would have been a pity not to kill him in his state of innocence.

6 October (1965): Anne Sexton to Charles Newman

I would always park at a LOADING ZONE sign and tell them “It’s okay, because we are going to get loaded” and off we’d pile into the Ritz to drink 3 or 4 or 2 martinis…often, very often, Sylvia and I would talk at length about our first suicides, at length, in detail, in depth—between the free potato chips.