9 October (1944): Neal Cassady to Justin Brierly

By noting this difference, modifying it & by a process of elimination, I find not only the amount, but also the degree, of influence you’ve had on me. For a better understanding I’ve created 3 titles under which I’ll enumerate attributes I’ve either gained or developed under you. Also if I’ve enough room I shall speak of the negative points of our relationship. To begin…

7 October (1827): Charles Lamb to H. Dodwell

Your little pig found his way to Enfield this morning without his feet, or rather his little feet came first, and as I guessed the rest of him soon followed. He is quite a beauty. It was a pity to kill him, or rather, as Rice would say, it would have been a pity not to kill him in his state of innocence.

6 October (1965): Anne Sexton to Charles Newman

I would always park at a LOADING ZONE sign and tell them “It’s okay, because we are going to get loaded” and off we’d pile into the Ritz to drink 3 or 4 or 2 martinis…often, very often, Sylvia and I would talk at length about our first suicides, at length, in detail, in depth—between the free potato chips.