Lampedusa BeachFrom the Print

“What do we do, my children and I, the days with no food?”
Mahama responded:
“Have the first one leave, have her leave on a day with no food.
Those who remain will watch her set out,
it will be their duty to cry.
When the heart suffers there is no hunger.”

FeatsFrom the Print

Emmett could neither defend himself nor keep from growing sicker with every blow, his blackened eyes scanning the distance for a horizon by which to orient himself as his father cried and struck…

Long MeadowFrom the Print

I love retrieving stray balls Kierkegaard / longed to be useful he didn’t feel all that useful in his room thinking / about Christianity and would walk the streets wanting to open doors / [voices] and I feel splendid returning balls to groups of friends or / bounded fields

The Late ParadeFrom the Print

Dreams have the following architecture: metallic substance, pursuant laws of mineralness. Vague plunder of booty, plastic robe of pearls. Sesame pirates of our wonderfully dull childhood where a perverted man usurps your surname and wanders the lawn, sprinkling reindeer tears…