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In The Enigma, a documentary on the Soviet pianist Sviatoslav Richter (available in its entirety on Youtube), you will discover Richter’s great gift for storytelling: he is terse, tense, and wonderful, telling a story just as he plays the piano—with … Continued

At the Art Fairs

When I was living in England, a literary agent once said to me at a party, “I was born to be a literary agent: my father was a car salesman and my mother was a social worker”…

Interview with Romanian Novelist Dumitru Tsepeneag

Dumitru Tsepeneag began his literary career in the dissident milieu of mid 1960s Bucharest, before being forced into exile in Paris in the mid 1970s. After the 1989 Romanian Revolution, Tsepeneag returned to his native country—and he remains today one of the most important and accomplished living Romanian authors.