The Year of Prose

What a year for prose! As a poet myself, this might sound partly like a concession, but many of the prosaic tones, long lines or paragraphs that I’m thinking about were ones found within poets’ volumes. Prose, in 2013, seems … Continued

The Cosmology of Serialized Television

In less propitious times, the poet X would have become a popular hack. As a function of the times, however, X has become a bad Expressionist. Consequently, his work causes intellectual short-circuiting.                                                    … Continued

The Language of Displacement

In the beginning of Casablanca, a man approaches an English couple sitting at an outdoor café and says, “Have you not heard?” The Englishman says, “We hear very little and we understand even less.” Across the way suspects are being … Continued

In Search of the Unica

  Here is some depressing reading for you. “After the debacle of the book’s publication in 1955 I am only getting used to the idea that some people have actually read it,” would be a gloomy appraisal coming from any … Continued