Slideshow: Meet the Editors

Dear Readers,

In the next few weeks, there is much to look forward to on the site: a new monthly column on violence from contributing editor A. S. Hamrah, interviews with prominent writers and visual artists, a weekly Sunday morning radio show, and of course, previews of the fiction, poetry, translation, and reviews from the December print.

Until then—a series of photos from our Harlem-based offices, from work hours to after hours, which I hope might introduce our team.

We are a brand new literary journal, and run on enthusiasm, passion, and most of all, your support. So thank you! And welcome to our home.

                                                      — Alyssa Loh, Digital Editor

In order of appearance:
Jac Mullen (executive editor), Uzoamaka Maduka (editor-in-chief), Alma Vescovi (managing editor), Elianna Kan (senior editor), J. Kyle Sturgeon (senior editor), Alyssa Loh (digital editor)

Photos by Alyssa Loh