Optical Delusion

Remember when new inventions displayed a charming disregard for user experience? Check out this bicycle. It’s called a velocipede, and Nicéphore Niépce, its inventor, could not have cared less if you fell off. Only recently have we been so coddled by things like the ‘friendly user interface.’ Let’s pretend for a moment that Steve Jobs never existed—our tantrums about the best place for our thumbs would never have been tolerated. Illustrator Aidan Koch has conjured an eReader straight from the minds of geniuses who don’t give a fig for your comfort or convenience. Unlike Google’s bonkers (and inevitable) augmented reality glasses, these would simply superimpose Tolstoy onto a Dr. Zizmor advertisement, giving all New Yorkers a skin condition. Keep your eyes open, however, for two more this month.