Vol. 1, No. 1


What's Inside

In our first issue, we featured:

+ Three short stories: the wrenching and incantatory “Talk” by Stephen Dixon; the chilly, enigmatic “The Mary Casket” by Jason Schwartz; and a renegade Western—all grit and metaphysics—“West of the Known” by newcomer Chanelle Benz.

+ Three portfolios of new poetry: from Dean Young and Maureen McLane, and a portfolio of new “political” poems curated by Joshua Clover.

+ Two Russian short stories: by Olga Slavnikova and Denis Osokin.

+Essay: William J. Maxwell on FBI surveillance of African American literary production during the Hoover era.

+ Book Reviews: on Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue; Frederick Seidel’s Nice Weather; César Aira’s The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira;  and the first of a monthly critical round-up of new poetry collections, penned by senior editor Cat Richardson.