Vol. 1, No. 5/6


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What's Inside

In our fifth/sixth issue, you can look forward to: 

+ Four portfolios of new poetry: Jacqueline WatersMatthew RohrerLiam Hysjulien, and Jameson Fitzpatrick.

+ Short stories by Otto JaffeJoyce Carol OatesRamon Isao, as well as Carmen Maria Machado’s incantatory novella, Especially Heinous: 272 Views of Law & Order SVU.

+ The final chapter of AisthesisJacques Rancière’s magnum opus on aesthetics and politics, with an introduction by Jonathon Kyle Sturgeon. 

+ New literature from South Korea: poetry by Hwang Byeong-seung and Moon Tae-jun, and fiction by Park Min-gyu and Kim Aeran, with an introduction by Jenny Wang Medina.

+ Book Reviews: on Francesco Pacifico’s The Story of My Purity, Anne Carson’s Red Doc>, A. G. Porta’s The No World Concerto, Ray Amorisi’s Lazarus, Charles Bernstein’s Recalculating, and Nicolas Hundley’s The Revolver in the Hive