Vol. 1, No. 9


What's Inside

In our ninth issue, you can look forward to: 

+  New Poetry by Ann Lauterbach, John Ashbery, and Rae Armantrout.

+ Three short stories by Diane Williams and Zachary Tyler Vickers’ “Karst.”

+ An essay from Peter Sloterdijk’s Nietzsche Apostle.

+ Literature from Romania: A short story from Răzvan Petrescu and four poems by Ion Mureșan.

+ Book Reviews: on László Krasznahorkai’s Seibo Down BelowJavier Marías’s The Infatuations, Denise Levertov’s Collected Poems, and Jonathan Lethem’s Dissident Gardens.

+ A selection of Noh stories from The Tilted Cup by Paul Griffiths.