Selected Movies: Part II

I would like like an interrupted silence to wake up from myself.
Shelley Duvall


Plot: A poet pairs films from Jean Cocteau’s Orphic Trilogy with contemporary films about poetry. He free-writes his way through these films, no interruptions. From the pages of work he produces, he constructs a poem for each film. Along the way, he records what interrupts him. This is the second installment.



dark-eyed junco was my name


Birds Singing

And a world began when her surroundings of men needed alcohol




Long ago past the field she went prowling for apricots


and tore out

the cockscomb


to quiet it




Gathering pits was her work so the world it wouldn’t

live through her


but the men

smelled her leaking


your rotgut

we taste it


and they pressed their bold charges against her




So she deviled the youngest one first / stuffed his south in her fist




It’s important he

said don’t misword

your surroundings

and yes long ago


my love was a jonquil and he tied his love to her wrist 




A world began do not steal away

said the men

not before

we rancid your milk




But they must really love her to hand her their salve like they do




And the mess they slough off

which is food


for the cockscomb


while the gaslight of death swims like koi on the wall




In packs long ago the women who spurned her they walked


must have stalked on their hunt

through the blurred fields of contest


long ago on the prowl for the hooch that began her




So she washes the eldest one last / he gifts her his daughter’s likeness




So young to stink

of this world

and yet what I can’t

she writes


disband in the morning

is what I love

most in the world


Like these silvering trees in the night that lose her the world




But long ago had no choice the men incited the rotgut in her




So she washes the eldest he foams for the hooch she washes

the young one she pulls til’ he’s serious spread eagle each night

she conquers the cockscomb she waylays the choir who sings

for her deadline your deadline is rotgut and your rotgut we

pass now your deadline is washing the sun dress they sing

                                           and cicadas they sing from her back




When she watches the cockscomb it

 worsens with time


Her surroundings of men when she washes them brew her a perfidy


and she reads from the cockscomb

their rights




The men in their washtubs they hate

her blue skin her sun dress they want her

to wash in her white camphor gown

down the river or drive her in hand me

down work shirt to death and dress

her in silk while she washes the eldest his

nails cut with pliers and ownership

over her body it dwindles the strapwork




Long ago past the field it was men who smelled her leak alcohol




This apricot they found on the floor of the earth was not easy to live through




They said death or her belly I’ll shake

til’ the earth where you stand falls beneath you and pray

I don’t find you when I wander the cockscomb brothers




Yes they must really love her to savage themselves like they do




See her staunch

for her men

who disband

their brothers

to drink her




And she places a silvering leaf on the face of each one in the cockscomb


The Most Beautiful

Duration: 139 minutes

Interruptions during film: strained muscle, mother, doorbell, telephone, voices in the hallway, telephone, ambulance.





 Gravedigger Gunrunners_final

Sculpting Me Duration: 95 minutes

Interruptions during film: laughter behind the wall, exhaustion, stuck keys, footsteps in hallway, toothache, dog barking, laughter, dog barking.