Three Poems

(c) Judy Baxter, 2005

 Her Summermindedness


Her summermindedness

embraces all full green things

& banishes nothing.


The dragonfly helicoptering

over the pond the deerflies

harassing the swimmers

& the leech on the leg linger forever.


Everything a scale

of clear intervals

no roadkill can mar.


The baby spiny thing

rubbing itself against

or was it scratching

the bark of a thin tree

by the roadside.


The speechless waddle

caught in the headlights

of late cars by the lake

moonlit and perfect

for canoeing in her summer mind.


O porcupine

spine in the mind

even a blithe summer mind

swerves from your shine






Before I open my mind

to the sludge

the open connection

will carry


let me tarry

with archaic diction

and ancient bodies

the sun & my own


shaped by a code

unfolding itself

through millennia.

For thousands of years


art had no fashion

was the beautiful

drawing we did.

In cave after cave


the ochred bison run

by charcoaled aurochs

and a delicate ibex

an opposable thumb


grasped. Don’t think

they’ve gone

from your mind


I remind myself

rousing from sleep

the screen of my brain






The storm dissolved

into sun.

We had no expectation.


The clouds full

of pomp ignored



the wind did

below. It was enough

to flow or float


or clouden

a clouded sky.

A robin flew by


the scratch

of a baby red squirrel.

We told ourselves


we would read

like Wallace Stevens


nothing for six weeks.

The world was full


as it always was

of wings of meaning & nothing.



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