8 February (1921): Katherine Mansfield to Constance Garnett

Katherine Mansfield writes effusively to Constance Garnett, one of the most important translators of Russian fiction in Mansfield’s time.

To Constance Garnett

[Villa Isola Bella

[8 February 1921]


Dear Madam,

            As I laid down my copy of War & Peace tonight I felt I could no longer refrain from thanking you for the whole other world that you have revealed to us through these marvelous translations from the Russian. Your beautiful industry ends Madam in making us almost ungrateful. We are almost inclined to take for granted the fact that the new book is translated by Mrs Constance Garnett. Yet my generation (I am 32) and the younger generation owe you more than we ourselves are able to realize. These books have changed our lives, no less. What would it be like to be without them!

            I am only one voice among so many—I do appreciate the greatness of your task, the marvel of your achievement. I beg you to accept my admiration and my deepest gratitude.