How often does The American Reader come out?

We are currently a bimonthly magazine.

Why hasn’t my subscription started yet?

We ask that subscribers allot 6-8 weeks for their subscription to begin. However, if you haven’t received an issue in a while or at all, please contact us at so we can try solving the problem.

How do I change my mailing address?

Currently, although you can update your information through your profile, we ask that you also email any address changes to Please note that we are unable to provide replacement copies if we have not received notice of your change of address by our distribution date.

Where is my issue?

You can expect your issue within the first two weeks of the month an issue is released. We do ask for patience, but if it’s the end of the month with no issue in sight, please let us know at

Where is my issue (International edition)?

It’s probably on its way to you! International shipping unfortunately takes far longer than we would like. If it does seem like weeks and weeks have passed since we announced a new issue and your mailbox is still empty, please do contact us at so we can send you a replacement copy.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We regret that we cannot refund canceled subscriptions if any or all of the issues have been sent out. We are, however, happy to transfer your subscription to a friend or put your account on hold until you are ready to begin receiving issues again.

I never received the last issue! Will you send me a replacement copy?

We are happy to replace issues as long as the claim is made within three months of the issue’s distribution. Please send claims requests to so we can send you a replacement right away.

Where do I submit pieces?

Information regarding submissions can be found here, on our Contact Us page. Do feel free to email us with any questions or comments at as well.

Why haven’t I heard back about my submission?

Although we do try and respond to submissions and pitches in a timely manner, we are a very small company and sometimes we can’t always respond as quickly as we would like. If you have been waiting to hear back about your submission, please feel free to send us a follow-up email to us at

Can you give me the contact information of one of your contributors?

We are unable to provide contact information to our contributors, but you can send a letter to and we would be happy to forward your query along.


We have received a number of complaints from people who have been unwillingly charged for magazine subscriptions by a company with a similar name to ours called The American Reader Service. We have no affiliation with this company and unfortunately cannot assist you with obtaining a refund or removing your name from their call lists. The best advice we can offer is to contact your bank and credit card company to inform them of the fraudulent charges as well as contacting the Better Business Bureau.