"The Shadow of the Valley" & Other PoemsFrom the Print

The shadow of the valley is a placeholder for the valley, a reminder that a body stands between those stands of bleachers, or this stand of trees or the neighborhood watchers standing around watching birds fly back and forth from their nests to the gardens in every Westwood neighborhood, all the while casting shadows that somehow don’t look like birds but like people wondering…

The Mary CasketFrom the Print

         [FLOOR]          In the foyer: a walnut floor. The cracks near the door create a triangular pattern. There are water scars at the foot of the stairs.          I scrape cobwebs from the baseboards with a dull knife.          … Continued

Three PoemsFrom the Print

… Sunset wears a crown
Like a wound wears a crown.
Even I believe in something
When looking into water at sunset.
Even then the gods are at work.
The eyes see something beautiful beyond,
The shells of snails twirling like a galaxy
Made from a mathematical formula
Like a flame trying to become a rose…