Imagined Conversation (4.7.14)

A: A trained ape…
B: We need to get this behind us. This nation admits its errors, as painful as they may be.
A: A trained ape preventing surveillance of millions of people at a time? That is totally within our abilities.

Ask Katharine

Use that fear. Wear that fear proudly like a communion dress, like a charm bracelet, where each charm symbolizes a life experience. Do not actually wear any charm bracelets. They show weakness.

Imagined Conversations (4.1.14)

A: We’re French, we had to put wine in the story. And so life had champagne parties.
B: Well, a party without champagne…
A: —Is a war without weapons. You know, if I was younger, we’d have had a great passionate affair for two years and been friends the rest of our lives. I can tell you that frankly. That said, if you violate my airspace, there will not be a funeral!

Imagined Conversations (3.17.14)

A: Didn’t mind so much if it was inaccurate.
B: People didn’t mind so much if it was inaccurate? Well, they need some basic plumbing lessons. And they have clearly lost all human morality. They’re setting fire to the future… There is no greater freedom than the right to survive.
A: Listen, I hear you: Muenster is Muenster, no matter how you slice it.

Imagined Conversations (3.10.14)

A: The smell of blood was in the air, and there were lots of people crying…
B: It’s an issue for sure…
A: I was forced to yell. The world cannot just allow this to happen. I had no other weapon to resort to, no other means to resort to, but to speak publicly and get attention that way.
B: You, sir, were not even truthy.

A Zombie Novel Without Zombies: An Interview with Bennett Sims

I wanted my characters to be able to argue about undeath without ever having to actually run from or fend off the undead… Since the characters don’t feel threatened by the undead, their conversations are free to shift away from the apocalyptic logistics of most zombie fiction (‘How do we survive?’ ‘How do we kill them?’ ‘How do we know who’s been bitten?’) to a more passive fascination with zombies’ creatureliness (‘What do they remember?’ ‘Are they conscious?’ ‘What is it like to be them?’).