Imagined Conversations (3.24.14)

Spoken quotes from the week’s news in dialogue form.

A: Pimps are like eagles—they soar by themselves.

B: Well, I’ve got a parrot dying on me here.

A: You are being too pessimistic.

B: No…

A: Now, we know that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong once and a second time and a third time and into infinity as long as it can go.

B: Yes but there is a limit to everything. I think he’s gone this time…

A: What, is that supposed to be a valid argument?

B: He’s gone this time. What has been a lifetime of dreams and denial is becoming real.

A: Let’s just hope…

B: If you’re drunk, eventually you must fall.

A: What if I believe in this, just because it is beautiful?

B: One should not try so crudely to make everything suit their interests, calling the same thing white today and black tomorrow. You have come to believe in your exclusivity and exceptionalism, that you can decide the destinies of the world, that only you can ever be right. Hope? Please, this is amazing, primitive, blunt cynicism. He’s gone this time. This is not a joke—this is reality.


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