Imagined Conversations (8.5.14)

A: I will admit I had to be told don’t ever use torture

B: —Well, to torture in the cold light of day

A: —but I didn’t think it was offensive regardless.

B:  You didn’t think it was offensive? They have wives. They have daughters.

A: Listen, I don’t know much about the life expectancy for law clerks, but now we have courts that we can actually deal with, right?

B: There’s no court to deal with! The law is a mess, the court stands disgraced.

A: What do you mean?

B: What do you mean what do I mean? There’s no court tomorrow. There’s no clerks leftThe general public can’t—

A: The general public can get over itSo we tortured some folks, some clerks. Clerks are—I mean, to put it mildly, clerks are vultures.

B: Again, that’s kind of an offensive thing to say—

A: They’re hungry for flesh.

B: What?—

A: —Vultures! Don’t take our pound of flesh!

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