Thank You!

Dear Readers,

It has been a joy to serve you for the past three years. Unfortunately, though sales and subscriptions have been robust, the magazine required a foundational investment to move forward into the future — we were unable to secure that necessary investment, and so it is with much regret that we announce this upcoming issue, due in October, will be our last.

It has been an honor and a pleasure building this community and this vision with each of you. Thank you to all of our readers and subscribers for taking a chance on this magazine. And thank you, too, to all of the incredible writers, translators, artists, advisers, staff, and interns who made this magazine its best possible self.

We are happy to inform our subscribers that their remaining American Reader subscriptions will be fulfilled by Lapham’s Quarterly. Since its inception in 2007, Lapham’s Quarterly has been a benchmark in literary publishing, and is now the foremost literary and historical quarterly in the United States. We — Uzoamaka Maduka, Jac Mullen, and Alyssa Loh — are excited to team up with Lewis Lapham, and the entire Lapham’s Quarterly team, as new members of their editorial board, and, in so doing, to continue to shine a light on great writing and thought.

Please check back here in the upcoming weeks for a full digital archive of our issues. We will speak at greater length about our closing in our final issue — for now, may we just say thanks again for your attention, support, and fidelity.

The Editors

The American Reader stopped publishing in 2015.
This is a living archive of our work.